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Children Dentistry

Our friendly and caring dentists are well versed in treatment and maintenance of oral health in children. For difficult cases, treatment under general anesthesia in the hospital setting is also available.

Children’s Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry can be the single most rewarding group of patients to treat. The key to creating an entirely positive experience for the child is to alleviate their fear of the unknown. This is accomplished through excellent communication with the child and by informing them of each procedure before it is performed, thereby earning their trust and respect.

Children should come in for an orientation around age 3 when all the primary teeth are in the mouth. Visits should then occur at regular six-month intervals. This early start can prevent any major problems from developing.

In the event that a child requires basic or extensive restorative care, this can be accomplished easily and without significant discomfort with the use of IV Sedation or general anesthesia.